The Benefits Of Having A Car Navigation System

In today’s day and age, technology is all the rage. The newest phones, tablets and laptops are the nation’s biggest sellers. The most overlooked gadget is Vehicle Navigation Systems. The GPS works off of a satellite-based global positioning system. The U.S. Department of Defense placed this network of 24 satellites into orbit. Signals bounce off of these signals allowing navigational systems the ability to detect our whereabouts at any given moment.

I know what you are thinking? I don’t need car navigation or a GPS. I have my tablet; I have Google maps on my cell phone; and for the traditional – I have my map!!!

The fact of the matter is, You Do...

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Buying A Car Alarm In Cypress, Texas

Buying a car alarm can be a smart investment for both the security of your personal property and a sense of peace of mind. Taking every precaution to protect your property is a cautious measure. Crime is an unforeseeable event that can affect anyone when you least expect it. Having a car alarm is a simple message to any prospective thief that there is a high likelihood that they will be caught if thy move forward with this predetermined choice of action; car theft. An auto alarm is a cost effective measure to protect your property and your sanity. By their very nature, thieves will always choose the target, which poses the least threat. Installing an alarm escalates the likelihood that your vehicle is safe.

In addition to safety and peace of mind, installing an alarm will also reduce the a...

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Quality Or Quantity In Car Audio

In an era where music is the poetry of the youth, sound quality is essential to any car design and overall make-up. Although your car is a great place to enjoy music, commuters still end up with marginal sound quality. In other instances, consumers put a lot of money into elaborate sound systems for their cars, and then are forced to endure common installation miscalculations that keep the system from reaching its full potential. What is the point of Quality music, if you do not possess quality equipment? Taking the time to research and inquire about various types of car stereo and audio devices in an effort to find the product that is right for you will go a long way.

290 Car Audio put together suggestions on how to improve the sound quality for both factory systems and more complex setup...

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Why Window Tinting Can Be Too Dark

Are you thinking about getting your windows tinted? Consider these facts before you make the investment to change the coloring of your window’s tint.

Many are not aware that there is such a thing as tint that is too dark. In the State of Texas there is a legal standard as to how dim you are permitted to tint certain windows and which windows are legally permissible to contain any tint or reflective film.

Effectuated in 2009, Texas Law denotes that the levels of darkness of tint are measured by a Visible Light Transmission percentage (VLT%). In Texas, this percentage refers to a proportion of visible light permissible into the vehicle through a combination of film tint and reflective properties and the window...

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