Car Audio

Texans love their music, especially those of us here in the Cypress and Tomball area. The variety of audio systems for cars today has grown. The features to choose from allow you to have the perfect sound system for your particular needs.

You can choose from well over 100 different clear and special Satellite Radio stations with XM Radio.

You can listen to your own custom compilations of MP3 songs — just the way you want with an iPod or other portable media device.

Your choices also include everything from absolute clarity to pounding bass, and its your choice.

290 Car Audio is truly committed to making the inside of your vehicle an amazing place.  Enjoy your ride with the sound that will carry you away from the day’s stresses. If you’re in the Cypress/Tomball area, stop by for a free evaluation, and we’ll help you pick out the perfect components to fit your needs.